Family Preservation Foundation Programs

Family Preservation Foundation Programs


Online Video Education & Social Media Outreach

In conjunction with our grass roots outreach, we will continue to provide online video education and social media outreach to families. Families will be targeted based on predefined areas that represent the most need.

Grass Roots Outreach

Through years of data gathering we have identified markets where family services are under served to the community. Federal tax payer dollars are allocated appropriately but administered to locally elected officials who have failed to meet the communities requirements for social change. We will reach out to those families, letting them know we are a resources that is available online that can provide services they are looking for.

Communication Skills Building

Families can often struggle if a lack of communication and empathy is a common family practice. Sometimes families have great communication skills but have difficulty navigating through outside agencies that practice poor communication skills. With this program we will provide resources for those families to gain the skills necessary to navigate through a crisis with better communication skills.

Family Organizational Management

Organizational skills are often overlooked in the health of people. We will be partnering with local organization consultants to help families review lifestyle changes. We will provide any tools or products necessary in order to maintain those lifestyle changes. Consultations will be long term to ensure the best opportunity for success.

Family Counseling

Often times families struggle with or are required to participate in family counseling after a crisis strikes. We will evaluate family preservation oriented counselors and pay for counseling services. This program will be offered in conjunction with other well-being case management services.

Family Bonding Services

Current supportive services for families to either recover from a crisis or the help lift families out of poverty are designed to meet regulatory requirements. In an effort to properly manage tax payer funding, a lot of family supportive organizations and agency have left out the need to address the family bonding experience from a practical view point. Studies have shown for decades the importance of family bonding time. This program will utilize community partnerships and corporate sponsorships to provide families with opportunities and resources to experience family bonding.

Children's Rescue and Family Reunification Plan

American children are being unconstitutionally and unnecessarily separated from their families. Currently most states do not provide attorneys to children and families in family or juvenile court in child protection proceedings.  FPF seeks to fill this gap with legal aid services. Family Preservation Foundation desires to defend and foster constitutional support for these children and their rights through litigation by providing pro bono legal services from local trial courts all the way to the United States Supreme Court for all children.

Legal Assistance for Family Law

Our services can also extend to pro bono services to families. While families are going through legal challenges, often times families overlook attorneys who may not have their best interest in mind. We will work to evaluate attorneys and their practice to make sure families are:

1. Receiving representation from a family preservation oriented attorney (interested in the family resolving their legal issues over continuing services for future business success)
2. Being represented by an attorney that is fully competent and engaging in attorney best practices

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